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Flygcert Ltd

Flygcert Ltd is a provider of a CBT Computer Based Training system online with content for flight training. The platform follows the rules and regulations set down by EASA and CAA for distance learning. Everything is developed to be user-friendly at the same time as the content is interesting, instructive and pedagogic. With intelligent and simple solutions we can offer a unique experience at the same time we make flight training available for everyone.

Our partnership with Centurio Flight Training AB gives us a great opportunity to reach more potential pilots around the Nordic countries.



SkyDemon is an independent British company owned entirely by its passionate developers. The SkyDemon team work to not merely develop great software, but to understand the needs of pilots and to build tools that solve their problems in ways that they never imagined; the focus is on giving users more awareness and confidence, to make aviation easier and more fun.

The SkyDemon product is designed to be clear, simple and intuitive to use, since a great deal of care is taken in its design; the intellectual property that powers the product line is superbly engineered and delivers robust functionality with a high focus on smooth user experience.

Centurio Flight Training AB recognises SkyDemon as a strong planning, briefing and navigation tool, and is proud to integrate it into our education programme.



FlightLogger is the leading flight training software in the world and a great AOC management tool as well. Using modern cloud technology FlightLogger help operations to the next level. FlightLogger is available on all devices and easy to use.  FlightLogger will make your flight training fully digital, but it will also keep track of everything from certificates, documents and messages to maintenance on the aircraft.FlightLogger is the most used flight training software world wide.


Aviation Theory Publishers

Aviation Theory Publishers is a young and modern company focused on developing modern and digital theory material for use in aviation training. We’re mainly orientated towards the general aviation market. Our goal is ambitious: To modernize the tools available on the European flight training tools for students and instructors alike. We’re a team of experienced flight instructors, developers and pilots connected by our common passion for general aviation and theoretical training.

Centurio Flight Training promises great potential for modernizing the Swedish flight training course. We are very pleased to support Centurio's students with our educational tools.


KSAB Pilotshop

KSAK Service AB, is owned by the Royal Swedish Aeroclub. Our business idea is to provide pilots and student pilots with training materials and pilot equipment. KSAB's proprietary products are Swedish Airfields, TMA Maps, Educational Literature and Logbooks.



Webmanuals with offices in Malmö, Sweden and San Diego, California, we work with a global perspective building partnerships with the leading experts and suppliers in aviation knowledge management.

Webmanuals set the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by offering a streamlined solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility, and cost-efficiency.

In short, our clients save time and money in editing, publishing, and distributing their operational manuals. They are able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain full control of their documentation and communication systems.


AUK Protection

Back in 2010, a group of Swedish helicopter pilots decided they had had enough of the lack of quality and design in helmets, flight suits and other personal safety equipment intended for helicopter professionals. They started to collect data among their colleagues, and pretty soon there were a whole team of designers, high technology suppliers and medical researches bent on solving the most critical issues. The mission statement was to create a global brand – by and for professional pilots – that can develop and deliver premium, hi-tech and user centered products to the global pilot community.

Within Centurio Flight Training, AUK's products will be used by personnel but can also be used by students.


Aktivt Hälsoval

Aktivt Hälsoval is a company focusing on health from a holistic perspective. It combines an evolutionary view on health with the latest research regarding optimal performance, focus and mental clarity. Through qualitative lifestyle changes in regards of diet, physical activity, sleep, stress and other “lifehacks” our clients achieve things like higher energy levels throughout the day, an increase in productivity and mental clarity.

Within Centurio Flight Training, Aktivt Hälsoval services and coaching will be used by personnel but can also be used by students.

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