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Contracted Aeroclubs

Contracted Aeroclubs

One of the main benefits for Aeroclubs is to contract with Centurio Flight Training and integrate the Aeroclubs Flight Training with us. 

The Aeroclub could maintain with its core focus as an Aeroclub, and members to the Aeroclub that want to take a Pilot License or need additional aviation training will do that under Centurio Flight Training Approved Training Organization.

What is the main benefits with this?

  • Centurio create new members for the Aeroclub dependent where the student wants to practice with the practical training.
  • The Aeroclubs aircraft creates a better usage and builds more airtime and in the end more income for the Aeroclub when using Centurio Flight Training dynamic pricing on flight time, over time the booking rate will increase.
  • Access to a digital documentation system where all manuals reside and are accessible, the Aeroclub also get access to dedicated space to digitalize other information that could be distributed digitally.
  • Certified and approved EASA Flight Instructors (FI) that is trained and controlled by Centurio Flight Training, Head of training (HT).
  • Centurio Flight Training arranges boot training camps geographically in Sweden together with contracted Aeroclubs.

All flight training within a contracted Aeroclubs is conducted under Centurio Flight Training Approved Training Organisation (SE.ATO.0028)


Västra Gästrike Flygklubb

Västra Gästrike Flygklubb was formed in 1960 and has about 100 members.

The airfield
We own our own airfield, Lemstanäs airfield and are ideally working associations with the task of safeguarding members' interest in aviation. Västra Gästrike Airline operations include model and motor flights. The sailing flight section is from now dormant.

The model flight section is based on a separate grass path apart from the big planes. Education is conducted by means of a double command. There is a very active activity and with a clear environmental objective, mostly electrically driven engines are used in the model planes.

The motor flight section has a low-wing 4-seater Piper PA28-161 TDI (SE-LXR) and a high-winged 2-seater ultralight CTSW (SE-VGU).

Västra Gästrike Flygklubb is one of the few aeroclubs in Sweden that only uses environmentally friendly fuels in our aircrafts.

The motor flight section has a lively business and performs a lot of assignments in the service of society such as, for example, forest fire surveillance, marine surveillance, power and rail inspection after severe storms in the FFK region. FFK is a voluntary organization linked to the armed forces and civil authorities.

Västra Gästrike Flygklubb carries out training for ultralight motor air certificates. You must have completed the age of 17 to get a certificate, but you can start the education at the age of 16, and the requirements are about the same as for a driving license.

For members wishing to train for PPL / LAPL, this is done in cooperation with Centurio Flight Training AB, an ATO (Approved Training Organization). The training will then take place on our Pipe PA28-161 TDI (SE-LXR).

What does a membership cost?
As a flying member, a senior membership costs SEK 1,175 and includes fees to our central organizations, with connection to the RF (Riksidrottsförbundet) and to the deductible fund. If you are a junior (under 20) you pay SEK 495 kr. The membership also includes KSAK's magazine Pilot Briefing, which is published 4 times a year. A Centurio Flight Training student also receives a key and alarm tag for access to the clubhouse and hangar, a deposit is paid with SEK 100 for the key and SEK 50 for the tag. Membership is applied for and handled by Centurio Flight Training in connection with enrolment in training.


Gävlebygdens Flygklubb

Gävlebygdens Flygklubb was formed in Gävle in 1938 several years before Gävle's first aviation airport, Avan, was established. Therefore, and for other reasons, the business has been placed in various fields, including Mohed outside Söderhamn. Over the years, the club has also conducted model and gliding flying activities.

Within motor flights, the club has been highly successful on the competition side over the years with many Swedish and Nordic champions as well as world champion in precision flight. In 1975, Gävlebygdens Flygklubb organized the very first world championship in precision flight. Since then, the club has also organized NM and SM on several occasions. For a number of years, Gävlebygdens Flygklubb annually organizes the competition Gävle ranking.

Incidentally, it is mentioned that Gävlebygdens Flygklubb started attempting firefighting in 1955. Nowadays, firefighting by air is common in the entire country and managed through flight clubs on their own or within FFK. Firefighting by air has been and will be an important part of Gävlebygdens Flygklubb socially useful activities.

The airport
The airport belongs to Gävle Kommun, but is managed by Gävlebygdens Flygklubb and others that operate within the airport.

The club currently has an aircraft in its possession; and Cessna 172 Skyhawk (SE-IXV). In addition to the members having the aircraft at their disposal, it is also used by the flight school and the FFK, where volunteer members fly different missions.

What does a membership cost?
As a flying member you pay SEK 1 150 per year, which includes a fee to KSAK and the club's deductible fund. In addition, you as a certificate holder must deposit 2 000 SEK in the form of a reversal that is refunded upon termination of the certificate or membership.

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