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Introduction Lesson

Introduction Lesson

Who is not dreaming of flying a plane by themselves? Flying by yourself is an experience difficult to describe, you have to experience, feel it!

An introduction lesson gives you an amazing opportunity to experience yourself all fascinating aspects of flying. An introduction lesson is non-binding. For sure you will have an immense experience.

An EASA certified Flight Instructor (FI) will guide you during the introduction lesson in a motor plane and will let you take the controls of the airplane by yourself as much as possible.

The introduction lesson takes approximately 120 minutes of flight in total of which around 45-50 minutes will be airborne.

This will be covered during the introduction lesson;

  • Pre-flight briefing covering the aircraft controls, your flying route and safety features
  • Opportunity to take the flight controls and maneuver the aircraft under the supervision of your EASA-certified Flight Instructor
  • See the world from a new perspective, including landmarks in the area You never have experienced them before
  • Cover the contents of Exercise PPL-A F101 in the Centurio Flight Training Course Training Manual syllabus
  • Log the flight time towards your Private Pilot License (PPL-A) should you choose to continue training with Centurio Flight Training and sign-up for a module-based course.

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