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What are the requirements to Become a Pilot?
First of all You have to consider if You are aiming to be a professional pilot or a private pilot. The first steps are the same so You can always start with the training and decide later on. There are however some medical requirements which are a bit tougher if You are interested to have flying as a profession. The health requirements are harder for a commercial career but some of the points are highly valid for all kinds of flying. 

 A passion for aviation
Trust us, you will be passionate. Aviation is a great discipline and combine all kinds of abilities. You need to have some spare time and energy as the training is quite demanding. The result will be much better if You can enter the zone and stay there during the theoretical and practical parts. If You are interested to finalise the training without exceeding the required number of hours, you have to be motivated, ambitious and eager to learn. Self-discipline, technical knowledge, common sense, humbleness and the ability to take decisions will be practised during the training.

Some kind of education and special knowledge make the process easier but formal education is not a requirement. In order to become a professional pilot most airlines and subsidized training sites require, however, certain grades in English, Mathematics and Physics.

Medical certification
Before flying solo You need to have a valid medical certificate. This requires an examination by a Flight Medical Examiner to check Your general health. In order to start the training for LAPL and PPL a Class LAPL or 2 is required while a commercial career require Class 1. If You are having any kind of considerations concerning Your health it can be a good idea to fulfil this before starting up the training. There is a list of Examiners available on the website

You may start the training when You are 16 years of age but examination/skill test earliest from 17 years of age.

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