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Modular Course PPL-A Aeroplane

The aim of the course
The objective of the modular PPL-A course is to give each student knowledge needed for a fixed-wing Private Pilot License (PPL). Each subject of the course will address all parts of the learning objectives stated for each subject.

Pre-Entry Requirements
An applicant for a PPL shall be at least 17 years of age according to FCL.200. A valid medical certificate class 2 is needed before the student flies solo.

Training Syllabi
The theory part of the course is 200 study hours. Flight training is divided into two (2) phases. Phase 1 which leads to student first solo flight. Phase 2 which leads to student being ready for a Skill test (ST).

  • Phase 1 - Dual 19,2 hours and Pilot in Command (PIC) 0,5 hours.
  • Phase 2 - Dual 12,5 hours and Pilot in Command (PIC) 12,8 hours.
  • Total syllabi time 45 hours.

Time Scale
Total course time is planned 15 weeks. The theory part normally takes five (5) weeks of full time study, remaining weeks are for flight training.

Ground School Programme
Each classroom tuition lasts for 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute break. The maximum programmed daily study time shall not exceed eight (8) hours of training while attending Ground School. CBT lessons are scheduled with varying duration, dependent of the topic and length of programme. The CBT lessons are conducted on a self-study basis, with a completion requirement. Programmed CBT lessons are considered pre-requisite prior to subsequent training. Regular progress checks are incorporated in the scheduled training program for theoretical knowledge. Attendance is mandatory and regarded as pre-requisite for subsequent training.

Flight Training Programme
The preliminary training schedule for the flight training, stating week for each training block, will be published for the student prior to starting each stage of the course. Changes to the schedule will preferably be announced with minimum twelve (12) hours prior notice, except for changes due to weather conditions. This restriction shall be enforced to give each student time for adequate preparation before each lesson.

Items below are to be considered:

  • Additional flying lessons may be scheduled at any time during the course as deemed necessary by the Head of Training (HT), CAA or Chief Flight Instructor (CFI).

  • The Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) will decide when the student may proceed to the next phase. Total flying time requirements for the issue of the licence must, however, be considered.

  • Each flying lesson is usually scheduled for 60 min (1 hour) duration, with additional time of 15 min briefing and 15 min debriefing. The respective syllabus will give the exact lesson time.

  • Any additional flying lessons shall be programmed and graded. Such a lesson requires a remark in Centurio Flight Training student training platform FlightLogger, stating the objective(s) or reason for the lesson.

  • The maximum scheduled flight time for each student is stated in Centurio Flight Training -Operations Manual (OM).

  • The student shall not be scheduled for more than three (3) training events in a twelve (12) hours period.

  • An event is defined as a flying lesson or a block of maximum three (3) ground school lessons.

Test and Examination
Test and examination will follow the Centurio Flight Training - Training Manual (TM) when progress test and final test will be conducted.

The Theory course is a distancebased e-LMS course that is delivered in our digital e-LMS platform, all necessary tests will be performed in the e-LMS platform before final examination takes place at CAA (Transportstyrelsen). The package includes teacher-led lessons (consolidation) and a package with  maps, nav calculator, rulers, etc.

Please note that you need to be living in the Nordics to enrol this course, so if you are outside the Nordics you should not continue to fill in the form below, please contact the school direct by email or phone.

Below you find dates when courses are starting in Swedish respective English. You click SIGN ME UP TO THE COURSE and fill in all fields i the form. When the form is submitted, you will receice confirmation e-mail with further instructions. Please note that your enrolment is first binding when you have entered a student agreement with Centurio Flight Training AB and paid for the course.

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