Information Security

Information Security

Information Security

Our responsibility
Centurio Flight Training AB sees it as a shared responsibility to protect your information in the best possible way. Our IT security practices and policies aim to ensure that the information we have about you remains inaccessible to unauthorized persons. You also have an important role in this.

Centurio Flight Training AB protects information in accordance with established safety standards and procedures.

We would like to remind you that no employee at Centurio Flight Training AB will ever contact you to receive your password.

How we protect your network security
Keeping personal information protected is a major and important responsibility for us. We have therefore taken and continuously take a series of protective measures that together contribute to a very high level of IT security.

  • Protection against computer viruses detects and prevents computer viruses from entering the Centurio Flight Training AB production system
  • So-called firewalls and a number of other security components block intrusion from unauthorized persons. Firewalls are security systems that are used to protect the computer systems that are connected to the Internet.
  • -Secure information transfer ensures that information cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. We use encryption technology, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), on those sites where sensitive information can be transmitted. The SSL protocol guarantees authenticity on the server through a digital ID certificate that is sent to the client. After that, a unique session key is generated that is used to encrypt all data sent between the server and the client. Only that client can decrypt the information and also know if the information has changed on the way.

Your own responsibility!

When using public computers

If you are using a public computer, you should be extra careful because you do not know what is installed on your computer. For example, you do not know if the computer you are using has a working and updated virus protection.

  • Just leave your password if your browser shows an encrypted connection.
  • Do not forget to log out - both from the websites and the computer you have visited.

Your role in the protection of personal information
Before you submit personal information or other important information online, make sure it is a secure, encrypted, connection.

You can look at this as follows:

  • That there is a padlock in the lower right corner of your computer screen or that the URL starts with "https".
  • A locked padlock indicates that the current website has an encrypted connection.
  • You may also want to click on the padlock to check the authenticity of the certificate before entering your password.
  • If the padlock is missing or is open, encryption is missing.

Reduce the risk of viruses with computer virus protection
If your computer is "infected" with computer viruses, you not only risk losing important information or unauthorized access to it. The virus can also cause significant costs to restore the computer equipment in working order.

To reduce the risk of this, make sure your computer has a virus protection. We recommend that you use an anti-virus software that is constantly being updated.

Be careful with unknown links, USB memory and attachments
Remember before opening links that are unknown to you. Be careful with attachments in emails and always check viruses.

Install a firewall
Firewalls are security systems that aim to prevent unauthorized access to information. Installing a firewall reduces the risk of unauthorized intrusion. If you are using a modem for your internet connection, there is a risk of unauthorized infringement only during the time you are connected.

If you are using a fixed internet connection, you may be subjected to unauthorized interference as long as your computer is connected to the Internet, usually as long as your computer is turned on. The longer your computer is connected to the internet, the greater the risk of unauthorized interference.

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