Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Within Centurio Flight Training AB, our customers' trust is our greatest asset. This trust is the basis of our business. Confidence is based on respect and protection of customers' personal integrity.

Our privacy policy explains, among other things, which of your personal data we process, why we process them, how we collect them, on what legal basis we support the processing and how long we store the data. You can read more about this in Information on the processing of personal data. The information also describes what rights you have about your personal data and where to turn if you have questions about how we process your personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, replaces the Swedish Personal Data Act and applies as law in all EU countries. All companies, organizations and authorities must follow the new GDPR rules. The main purpose of the General Data Protection Regulation is to improve the protection for you when your personal data is processed.

With this policy, we want to inform you more about how we safeguard your legitimate interest in privacy protection in different ways. Here you will find out more about how we treat your personal information, how we handle and protect the electronic communication on our websites, and how to proceed if you want to comment or complain about us.

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