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Within Centurio Flight Training we use different digital online system services for the theoretical and practical flight training that is conducted within our approved training organization. Below you find our current available digital online systems services. If you have issues to login, please contact our Helpdesk by phone or open a support ticket.

Control panel to access the Centurio Flight Training distance based e-LMS (Learning Management System):

Modular courses according to CTM

  • PPL(A)
  • LAPL(A)
  • NR(A)

Technical courses according to TC

  • Cessna C172 Skyhawk
  • Piper PA28 Cherokee
  • Garmin 1000

You access this platform with the userid and password Centurio Flight Training has provided to you.

FlightLogger is the Centurio Flight Training e-TMS (Training Management System) used for our modular courses. FlighLogger is based on an advanced user management workflow, integrated booking of aircrafts and flight instructors, interaction between flight instructor and student, and finally statistics and reporting follow-up.

Control panel to Webmanuals Digital documentation system for all Centurio Flight Training manuals.

Here you find:

  • Operations Manual (OM) with Appendix
  • Safety Mangement Manual (SMM) with Appendix
  • Training Manual (TM)
  • Course Training Manual CTM I PPL-A
  • Course Training Manual CTM II NR-A
  • Course Training Manual CTM III LAPL
AROWEB - AIS Met and Flight Planning

myWebLog is the Centurio Flight Training e-BMS (Booking Management System) used for booking of aircrafts that belongs to our contracted flightclubs. 

myPersonalLogBook is the Centurio Flight Training e-PLB (Personal Log Book) to register the pilots flighttime, the log book has several features for:

  • Type/Model of aircrafts
  • Printing/Export of logbook
  • Advanced search features
  • Statistical data on everything
  • Yearly Summary
  • World maps for your flights and airports
  • 10500+ airports in the database
  • Reminder management for certificate and medical

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